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Southeast-Asia's Product Innovation Team

From strategy to execution, we design and launch products that bring positive shift to the world.

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What we do

Product Strategy

With great products come great planning. That is why we take pride in strategizing & collaborating the best move for your products. We look at how digital experiences go hand-in-hand with your organization goals.

Product Design

Nothing comes out of only planning. Designing is in the heart of SixtyTwo. Not only that we make sure the product works, we set the bar to showcase the best parts of your product.

Product Management

Winston Churchill once said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. One of our core pillars is to partner with committed organizations who’s not afraid to grow and iterate to improve the products.

Immersive Experience

We believe that making the experience more immersive is like trying to find a way to make a recipe taste better. Therefore, we improve everyday life by making it more interesting or satisfying through Augmented Reality.



We’re humbled that our designs have been recognized on the global stage.

Project Lima is our initiative to find innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. Guided by the commitment to create future-oriented solutions, we strive for positive impact.

Say hi to our clients
“Collaborating closely as our design partner, Sixty Two has helped shaped strategic & tactical initiatives with Grab. The Sixty Two team brings global experience and locally-rooted Indonesian knowledge. They've helped us define safety, contributed to Grab’s healthcare experience, and shaped how the super app experience can be relatable for Southeast Asian customers.”
Randy J. Hunt — Head of Design
Sixty Two has been a great design partner with their creative designs and eye for details. Taking on a holistic approach, the studio has contributed significantly to the creation of a seamless digital experience for our visitors on the corporate website. The studio’s experience in user interface development allows the team to support the developer and ensure accurate delivery of the design concept.
Mia Liu - Regional Head Marketing and Communications CGS CIMB Securities
"It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Sixty Two on bringing our app redesign project to fruition. Sixty Two has either met or exceeded all of the goals that we initially set for all of the projects that they helped us to implement.
Marcela Einstein - Head of Product
“SixtyTwo cares about our product like no other. From start to finish, I know that I can trust them. Never for a moment have we been left alone in the dark. Kudos to the SixtyTwo team!”
Almo Pradana - Energy & Climate Manager WRI Indonesia

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