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Langit Musik

Helping Langit Musik Redefine Music streaming for Indonesia.

A collaborative process with Langit Musik to build a connected ecosystem for the platform.
The Challenge:
How might we create an elegant and localized app through research, total app redesign and improved UI/UX.
Audio streaming is on the rise in Asia. The music landscape first shifted from physical to digital. Old-timey mixtapes and counterfeit CD’s gave way to WAV and MP3 files.

With a big growing digitally-native population, Indonesia has huge growth potential in the audio streaming market. Langit Musik was launched natively in 2010 as one of the first streaming platforms in Indonesia.

As the saying goes: If there is honey, the bees will come from nine mountains away. And come they did. Global and regional heavyweights like Spotify, iTunes and Joox are of the many players who came to capture a slice of the pie.

The scope

Creating an elegant and localized app through research, total app redesign, improved UI/UX and build a ecosystem for Langit Musik platform.
Product Strategy
Creating ecosystem product strategy and seamless experience.
Product Design
Designing the mobile app and other platforms.

The research

Together with Somia CX, we conducted foundational research and competitor analysis to decide on what features to include in the app. We also led multiple user testings on several design explorations.

The bulk of our research time was spent talking with users - we dug deep to find the answers for questions like: Where do they listen to music? What are they doing when they listen to music? Do they sing to lyrics?

These findings became our basis in designing the visuals and experiences of the platform.

The features

Connecting artists and fans

We built Langit Musik’s Live Streaming feature to bring artists closer to their fans. At Live Streaming, artists get to perform live shows and host Q&A sessions, creating great relationships with listeners. This innovation lets musicians nurture their followers. Fans, on the other hand, get to discover and support artists easily.

This positive cycle will bring in more artists and more fans together, contributing to Indonesia’s music society growth.

Sticky, yummy content

Langit Musik enjoys a high engagement from their users – around 3x longer than the other players. The credit goes to their extensive local library. Indo Pop, Dangdut, Keroncong, and Gamelan – if the genre was born in Indonesia, you can find it in Langit Musik.

So they have the right cards, but how do we make sure they are dealt correctly? Enter the music personality quiz. New users are directed to feed the algorithm with songs and artists they like.

Friendly and approachable

Langit Musik caters a wide range of listeners in terms of age. They have listeners ranging from the younger, tech-savvy crowd to the stay-at-home entrepreneurs and blue-collar workers.

To delight multiple generations of listeners, we create the customer journey to be simple, intuitive and social. We swapped Langit Musik’s dark color palette to a lighter one to achieve a clean and inclusive feel. We also put very minimal text instructions and design the app navigation to be instinctive instead.

Expressing current mood

Users can even highlight a part of lyrics midsong and share it on social media. Highlighted lyrics are automatically placed on a nice background, ready to be posted in social media. Two taps and they can express their current mood seamlessly. Easy!

Observing to Delight

The digital age has created thriving niches and mainstream music has shifted to fragmented niches. Langit Musik takes this seriously and executes this with laser focus. Deeply understanding your audience is vital in creating a hyperlocal app. The more targeted an audience is, the more specific their behaviors are.

The good thing is, if we delight them, they’ll be our advocates. Get to know them and build your app around them. It’s worth it.

P.S. We are collaborating with Langit Musik to build a connected ecosystem for the platform. Soon, it will be accessible from web, mobile app, TV, car dashboard and airline entertainment system. Stay tuned for progress updates.

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