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Makes co-living as a new living trend in Indonesia

A full service platform to connect like-minded individuals or ... not (if you like living alone).
The Challenge:
How might we create a platform to let Sewagi recommends and matches renters with others in safe co-living spaces.
Many products are recommending you to renting places based on the proximity to restaurants, office, school. However, the price won’t be as friendly. Therefore, Sewagi is introducing co-living to Indonesian market.

Since it’s quite a new living trend in Indonesia, Sewagi is making sure that the process is transparent and easy for the users to follow. When you are looking for a co-living place, Sewagi will give you an idea about your prospective roommates. If you think your hobby will match as a roommate, book your room tour with the Sewagi’s agent. The aim is to make sure you are spending time to places that have high potential for you to rent.

The scope

Nicholas and Bruno have tested out the concept and business model through Facebook. After seeing demand from the Indonesian market, they decided to digitalize the process.

It has been a close collaboration between Sixty Two and Sewagi in shaping the public website, renter dashboard, and property dashboard into an interconnecting ecosystem.
User Experience Design
Creating a seamless and easy process for people to find a safe place to rent or co-living spaces without hassle.
User Interface Design
Designing the public web, dashboard and other platforms..

The features

Our filters are designed to answer your specific needs.

We’ll start with simple filters as a start. However, if you know exactly what you need, feel free to expand the filters and specify it to Sewagi. Whether you are looking for an entire place or a co-living place, a roommate with pets or not, specific gender only or a mix is fine with you, Sewagi can help you filter and show only the places that are matched.

Let us take care of the split bills. Only pay for the room you rent.

With Sewagi’s pricing system, you’ll only need to pay for the room that you rent even if there are empty rooms.
When you got a roommate to share the place with, Sewagi won’t bother you to remind your roommate about his / her rent fee. Sewagi’ll remind the due date regularly on each member’s dashboard and send the invoice once the payment is received.

Know your renting process and status.

Sewagi won’t leave you in the dark and wonder about your renting process and status. It’s clear where do you leave your process and what to do next. Throughout the design process, we always aim for the easiness and transparent process for the user.

If it’s hard to rent the entire place, you are able to make it a co-living place.

As we mentioned earlier, renting an entire place might be hard for the renters because of the price. That’s why Sewagi is giving you options to rent it as a co-living place. The pricing system is very detailed to the point that you can differentiate the price per room that you have. If you are not sure about the price, Sewagi is there to give you insights about the market price.

As a property owner, you could customize the rent price per renter.

Don’t want to lose a prospective renter because if the price? However, if you lower the price, it might bother the market price. With Sewagi, you can customer the rent price and only you, the renter, ...and God who know about it. Your secret price is safe with us.

Say hi to our client
"Ever since we got in touch with Sixty Two, they’ve been all-in and hands-on with our PropTech Platform Project. Their UI/UX skills and experience, were key to identifying potential friction points within our Business Processes, which they fixed or streamlined beautifully. Their final “plug-in” design collaterals were of very good taste, compatible with our design preferences and emulated very well our vision. I would highly recommend Sixty Two team for their business analysis capacity and dedication to the cause. We’ll definitely work with them again."
- "Nikolas Ayatrochaidy C. Papet - Founder Sewagi " -

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