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Utilizing Market Data to Build Competitive Advantage

A collaboration with Blueocean to create a marketing analytics dashboard.
The Challenge:
How can we create a seamless visualization & easy experience for brand owners & marketers to understand millions of market data and get insights to help them strategize and stay ahead of competitors?
Access to market data insights is usually very expensive and difficult to digest. Blueocean's goal is to provide affordable access to market data to allow brand owners & marketers proactively build a solid business strategy. By utilizing advanced machine learning & AI, Blueocean find, ingest, and build sets of millions of pieces of data across brand, customer and business analytics touchpoints so brand owners & marketers can get actionable insight on how to consistently outpace competitors.

The scope

We were responsible for designing end to end customer journeys for Blueocean. We started with a free report trial flow as an acquisition touchpoint to allow potential customers to grasp Blueocean’s value. Next, we get into subscription and customer dashboard flow.

User Experience Design
Creating a seamless experience for the customers from trying the free service, subscribing process, to exploring their own dashboard.
User Interface Design
Designing the marketing site and customer dashboard’s interface.

The features

Understand your brand better.

Blueocean provides data driven brands personalities to match your brand archetype by using visual cues.

Try it for free before making a commitment.

Blueocean provides a free service for brand owners & marketers to learn more about their personality by providing brand name, website URL and social media links. Within minutes, you’ll learn about your brand personality and how it compares to others in the industry.

The free report is always accessible from your customer dashboard and users have the options to upgrade to paid account for more insights.

Set your goal and we’ll help you get there.

Setting a brand’s personality goal is important because it’s going to shape your brand, your message and the way your customers see you. Now that you know your archetypes (brand personalities), you have the option to adjust it as a goal. Blueocean can also suggest a new archetype goal that matches and supports your brand’s based on the archetype diagram.

Send the right message to customers.

After you’ve set your brand’s archetype goal, it’s important to make sure your customers are getting the right message. Blueocean analyzes your brand messaging content to make sure it’s align with your archetype goal. It also provides improvements recommendations.

Know how your competitors are doing.

Blueocean provides competitors benchmark based on your industry. Brand owners & marketers have the option to adjust the benchmark by adding other competitors’ details.

Understand more about the brand’s market characteristic.

Within 24 hours you’ll get to see a market index of where your brand stands compared to your benchmark from the Competitive Intelligence report. The overall market index and deeper explanation per factor is being placed side by side to provide an easy way to understand the meaning of each score.

Get actionable advices.

With premium account, you’ll get actionable insights from Blueocean strategists to improve your brand health. Blueocean is going to provide exact success measures of impact and effort. There’s also a messaging feature to communicate with Blueocean strategists if you need further clarification to get maximum results.

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