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Getting the best out of
credit facility.

Vospay connects & facilitates e-commerce purchases with trusted multifinance institutions in Indonesia.
The Challenge:
How can we design a seamless multifinance integration to daily e-commerce shopping?
Vospay is looking to revolutionize the traditional multifinance industry and expand its market reach. One of the goals is to facilitate online transactions with multifinance platforms. Vospay is bridging multifinance customers with a large number of Indonesia’s e-commerce platforms.

The scope

We were responsible to design the complete end to end journey for multiple stakeholders, while working closely with the founders to prioritize features.

User Experience Design
Designing multifinance & customer dashboards from the ground up and defining user experience & flow for e-commerce payment system integration.
User Interface Design
Set up Vospay product visual guidelines & complete UI design.

The features

Easy account registration & activation

Activating & connecting Vospay accounts with multifinance needs to be a seamless process. We developed a Vospay number framework to serve as guidelines as more multifinance & users are onboarded.

Credit activity overview in one dashboard.

Vospay dashboard provides a complete list of transactions and upcoming payment due date. Customers can also see their current credit plafond status.

Integrating into e-commerce payment solution

Vospay provides a seamless e-commerce payment flow as part of the complete integration. Customers would be able to choose the right payment term here too.

Overview on credit activities.

Traditionally, multifinance in Indonesia didn’t have an integrated digital solution to get insights on users transactions. Vospay offers an integrated dashboard to multifinance to keep track and get insights on customers' credit health from e-commerce transactions.

Manage credit activities through phone.

User can manage their credit activities in their smartphone through the mobile browser as well.

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