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English • 25:04

Southeast Asia : Perspective on Inclusive Design by Project Lima

This session by Project Lima aims to raise awareness and start conversations about the state of Inclusion in SEA and how they can transform their design culture to champion accessibility and inclusion to steer towards a society based upon empathy and solidarity.

Bahasa Indonesia • 1:54:02

Understanding Neurodiversity: Designing an Inclusive Workplace with Project Lima x

A virtual event that celebrates neurodiversity in Indonesia and aims to normalize and bring more understanding towards the neurodivergent community so that we all can be allies in multiple mediums/industries.

Bahasa Indonesia • 1:38:22

Design for good

Have you ever considered that the designs we have been doing to date may have a wide range of negative impacts, from climate change to social injustice? Join us as we discuss how impactful design is to our communities.

Bahasa Indonesia • 1:24:18

Designing for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality seems to be the buzzword of the moment, but are there really any good applications for it? Here we explain how it can be best utilized and what the possible use cases are.

Bahasa Indonesia • 37:01

Sixty Two Design Tentang Remote Culture & Product Design Agency

In this podcast, the design lead and lead project manager at Sixty Two sit down together to discuss what it's like to work remotely in an agency.

English • 57:52

The Design Mindset | Beyond Technicalities

The internet has a lot of design resources and tools that serve as great aids for designers, but what we should ultimately learn is how to understand the design process. Watch our co-founder talk about how to create a design thinking framework!

English • 24:58

IXDD | Enabling Rural Community Involvements for Sustainable Culture through Technology

In this session, our team members Agus and Vicky provide insights into the process of creating digital solutions for rural communities at the annual World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) conference.

Bahasa Indonesia • 46:38

Design Management From On-Site To Online

Pada episode ini kami berdiskusi dengan Vicky, Product Manager & Designer di Sixty Two yang telah mengadopsi konsep remote working cukup lama. Kami membahas bagaimana perusahaan bisa mengatur timnya karena mendadak harus WFH.

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