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Seamless Mobile Apps USSD Actions Integration & Management

A collaborative project to simplify & visualize the integration of USSD actions for mobile application developers
The Challenge:
How can we simplify & visualize USSD actions integration from any operators, with robust reporting system for mobile app developers.
Hover develops a backend system that helps mobile app developers to automate USSD sessions for their apps. Hover system can run virtually any USSD interaction on any mobile operators, anywhere in the world.

USSD, a technology dated back to the 90’s, is a common tool used in parts of the world, such as Africa, to complete mobile transactions, such as bill payments, airtime top up & fund transfer.

Hover provides an automation system that serves as a transactional layer between USSD and mobile apps interface. This system allows mobile apps developers to integrate transactional functions seamlessly to their mobile apps.

The scope

Hover came to us with a clear issue and goal in mind, how can we design a scalable solution to their ever growing daily USSD transactions while minimizing human errors in the management workflow.

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User Experience Design
Creating a seamless process for Hover Actions Management
User Interface Design
Redesigning Hover Actions Management & Reporting Responsive Dashboard

The features

Simplifying Information Architecture

One of the focus we set in the beginning is to set clear user flow & information architecture. Before the redesign, there wasn’t really any hierarchical structure to the dashboard. We simply this by identifying the two main areas users need easy access on the dashboard, namely transactions & actions.

Streamlined Actions Management

From user interviews we did with Hover’s customers in Africa, we found that when users need a better system to manage hundreds of actions. This includes tasks such as creating & editing actions and creating & editing parsers related to actions. Users also need to be able to view the interrelated actions connected to different apps and status of each actions from the get go.

Scalable Transactions Management

One app might have to facilitate thousands of transactions on a daily basis. It is crucial to allow users view and filter transactions related to different actions & operators. Transaction status is one of the most important feature to illustrate the intended transaction message.

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