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Opal Health

Empowering people’s self-health care journey through nutrigenetics.

Designing platform ecosystems that helps people take control of their health through personalized nutritional treatment based on their DNA.
Opal Health is founded by Dr. Laura Kelly, a Los Angeles based medical practitioner who believes that nutritional science and genetics–if harnessed to its full potential–can be a powerful tool that can help manage and even reverse chronic conditions for her patients.
With this belief, Opal Health aims to help patients gain access to fully personalized nutrient recommendations based on their genetics and enable doctors to track and monitor their patient’s nutritional goals and overall progress.
The Challenge:
How might we create an end-to-end experience that help patients and doctors access and organize actionable self-health care plans based on nutritional science and genetics.
Product Strategy
Creative Direction
Experience Direction
Product Design
Design Strategy
Landscape analysis
Research and analyze where Opal can fill the gaps in the digital nutrigenetics market.
User journey map
Understanding users' thoughts and case scenarios where they could use our platform.
Product Opportunities
Identify product opportunities from user journey map to know which features the platform should have.
Feature Prioritization
Prioritizing which features to build in the MVP phase, all in close collaboration with Dr. Laura and her team.
IA & Wireframe
Create information architecture and wireframe to capture the experience down to the core flow.

The features

Our team created an end-to-end flow and design of the three main features that this platform has; Opal Health website, My Opal Dashboard for patients, and Opal Doctor’s Portal for doctors.
The Opal Health Website
Guides patients on starting their self-health care journey. And for doctors to learn about nutrition.
My Opal Dashboard
Gives patients an overview of their activities.
The Opal Doctor’s Portal
For doctors to monitor their patients’ health with ease.

The Opal Health Website

For patient:
The Opal Health website is designed to guide patients on starting their self-health care journey. Patients can order the curated at-home-tests in order to get their personalized nutrient recommendations from Dr. Laura.

For doctors:
Doctors can get information about the value of nutritional science, and the benefits of Opal Doctor’s Portal.

My Opal Dashboard

View all the things you need to know in the dashboard home
The dashboard home gives patients an overview of their activities within the Opal platform. They can see their tasks, reminders, order progress, assigned doctor, both summary and recommendations based on their nutritional evaluation results.

Easy-to-read nutritional evaluation results
My Evaluation enables patients to see their personalized nutritional evaluation results in an educational manner. Patients can also track their health progress and be informed on what nutrients required to achieve their optimal health.

Organized shopping list for your convenience
Shopping List lets patients see their personalized food and supplement recommendations. They can save and print out the list later or easily buy the recommendations via affiliate links.

Communicate easily with the doctor in charge
Within the platform, patients can chat with their doctor to better understand their evaluation results.

View raw DNA data and upload files
Patients can see the raw lab data from the tests they ordered, and additionally they can upload personal health data to keep track of their health information.

Opal Doctor’s Portal

Patient Monitoring
Doctors can prioritize patients based on the patient's condition and monitor their dosages of supplements. Doctors can also track a patient's nutritional goals and overall progress.

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