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Sweet Escape

Connecting travellers to local photographers around the world.

Connecting travellers to local photographers.
A collaborative design process with SweetEscape.
The Challenge:
SixtyTwo provides product strategy and design leadership for all of SweetEscape's digital ecosystem, from web platform to client and photographer apps. We also helped define the customers and photographers’ journeys in using the service, to ensure that both the service and digital experiences are well aligned.
SweetEscape connects travellers to local photographers around the world. Travellers can book a session and receives the edited photos digitally using SweetEscape’s web platform and app.

The features

A Connected Service Experience

By mapping out the customers’ and photographers’ journey, we’re able to highlight all of the important touch points in their journey using the service to create a pleasant service and digital experiences for the end users.

Simple and Inspiring Booking Experience

Planning a vacation isn’t an easy feat and can become stressful. With SweetEscape, booking is easy and happens in seconds!

When you’re done, download and share your photos in an instant

Imagine all the excitement while waiting to see the final photos! SweetEscape provides instant review to some of your photos so you can download and share with your family & friends. This all can be accessed during your trip using the SweetEscape app. Downloading the high resolution pictures can be done easily when you get home.

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