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Jenius by BTPN

Smart, simple and safe digital banking app for a better financial life.

Helping Jenius redefine their digital banking app’s experience and interface with consistent, scalable and timeless design.
Jenius is a digital banking pioneer in Indonesia that has released many innovative products to help customers improve their quality of life through financial solutions.
Based on 3 principles; Simple, Smart and Safe, Jenius aims to continuously innovate and expand their products and services. Therefore, their app needs a stronger foundation to become a more holistic financial app in the future.
The Challenge:
How might we create a scalable framework and consistent visual language that can accommodate the growth of Jenius products.
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Design Strategy
user experience audit
Identify the limitations and hiccups of the previous Jenius app to create design recommendations.
Design a consistent and scalable framework, such as; templatized layout and bottom sheet module based on Jenius’ IA.
IA & wireframes
Create a new IA to organize content and features and wireframes to capture the structure of the new app.

The features


The new bottom navigation allows users to have more clarity on the app’s primary features at once; they can easily access their Home, Wealth, Cards and Profile. The bottom navigation also removes the limitation of making transactions from Home only, as the Mobius button will enable them to do so from anywhere in the app.

The top part of the new Home allows users to see a summary of their information such as their Cashtag, Jenius level and Active Balance where they can perform transactional actions. The bottom half is all about personalization, it allows users to gain insight into their financial performance through Moneytory, a feature that allows them to view and categorize their expenses.


Mobius button allows users to perform quick transactional actions from anywhere within the app. The button consist of frequently used actions such as sending money to people or groups (Send It), making or requesting payments (Pay Bills, Scan QR, Pay Me, Split Bills), moving their balance (Universal Move Balance) and topping up e-Wallets (e-Wallet Center).

The new Move Balance feature allows users to make universal transfers, which means they can move their balance from and to all their accounts within Jenius.


Wealth allows users to access all their assets within Jenius and open new accounts. It is divided into 3 tabs; Cash, Investment and Credit, so as not to overwhelm users with information. These tabs are where where users can see their liquid assets (Cash), view and manage their future investments (Investment) and manage their loans (Credit).


Cards allows users to find and manage all of their debit cards in one place, be it physical or virtual, including adding new ones.


Profile allows users to easily access important information and Jenius Awards. In this page, users will also receive notifications and perform profile-related tasks (e.g. uploading tax information, renewing ID number, etc.)
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