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World Bank

Enabling village innovation through network and capacity building

To boost villages’ innovation efforts by encouraging the process of undergoing proper planning and executing relevant solutions to their current pitfalls.

World Bank is highly interested in Indonesia’s goal to reduce poverty and reverse inequality. Rural areas need to keep up with infrastructure and social development as a race against shocks from natural disasters and climate change.
Indonesia’s dynamic digital economy—driven by its young tech-savvy population and infrastructure investments in expanding the fiber backbone and reducing Internet costs to all regions—provides a unique opportunity to bridge the “digital divide” between urban and rural areas and to increase the efficiency of services delivered to Indonesia’s rural villages. Therefore, there is a need to monitor and track the progress of rural area development and village empowerment to ensure proper resources and funding are met.
The Challenge:
To ensure goals, targets and investments are met, there are three components that a village need to accomplish:
1. Identify a proper and clear problem statement or challenge
2. Develop a relevant solution
3. Compose an execution plan
How might we increase village capacity to conduct proper planning and implement projects through relevant solutions and connect them to the help that they need?
Product Strategy
Design Research
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Agustian Hermanto
Victoria Simansjah
Fikrun Nashih
Kautsar Anggakara
Lody Andrian
Dahlia Kuwatly
Design Strategy
Field Research
A key step to align on urgent issues and overall product strategy and to start identifying on design solutions through co-design.
Product Ecosystem
Identify the relationship between products in the ecosystem and how the high level flow & interactions would work.
Design (UI & UX)
Designing with organizational goals in mind with visual exploration that sets visual design language throughout the platform.
Inspire village residents with ideas and innovative solutions from local service providers
Facilitate villages to articulate their needs through the toolkit
Forge collaboration between villages and service providers with diverse backgrounds, disciples, and skill sets.

The features

1. Browse by Service Providers
As a village, this page facilitates village’s decision makers to:
  1. Easily find and discover relevant service providers which meet their needs
  2. Provide clear guidance on the role of the service provider in supporting the village
  3. Encourage collaborative efforts

2. The Job Board
In reverse, if villages have identified their needs beforehand, this will pose the opportunity for service providers to find projects that are relevant and personalized. The Job Board will also open access for further collaboration.

3. Service Provider Details
This feature showcases service providers’ profiles to show credibility and celebrates transparency. Village decision makers can ‘Download CV’ and look through past portfolios of the service providers. Understanding the diverse projects and collaborations can inspire and encourage villages to initiate the collaboration.

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