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Grab Health

Defining the future of healthcare services in South-east Asia

An integrated e-consultation content & health mall solution for South East Asia.
With the multitudes of telemedicine products rising in Indonesia, GrabHealth needs to find a way to keep up with the market and also stay in momentum within the healthcare realm. The competitive advantage of bundling their current delivery services with healthcare services, puts them in a safe position to worry less about logistics. However, envisioning the product’s features and functionalities took a bit more than just “another” design exploration.
The Challenge:
Together with Ping An Good Doctor China, Grab launched a telemedicine service that caters to the SEA market. As a newly established venture, known as Good Doctor Technology, the team sets up a healthcare service that allows users to consult with doctors online, make medical purchases, and learn more about healthcare through freshly produced articles.

User Experience Design
User Interface Design

The features

We designed the first version release of consumer facing GrabHealth. We helped strategize for all of the touchpoints within the GrabHealth ecosystem - consumer, doctors, merchant, etc.
Skip the queue to consult with your doctors.
Health products at your doorstep.
Catch up on your health and wellness.


Skip the queue and kick back.
Talk to doctors – from General Practitioners to Specialists – on medical conditions and get quick responses. Users will be able to get personalized prescriptions accustomed to their condition. They can purchase these prescriptions right from the app.


Health and beauty products at your doorstep.
Browse through different categories or symptoms to purchase health and beauty products. The app will locate your nearest pharmacies and notify Grab drivers to deliver them to your doorstep.


Catch up on your health and wellness.
Read up on health, wellness and lifestyle content produced by the Good Doctor Technology team. The team writes articles based on categories, and personalize them to users as recommended reads.

Onboard new members on the product roadmap

Being the first ones to kick off designs, our team built the product in a way that we can transfer our product knowledge to other team members.

Sixty Two created a UI guideline / design system to consolidate all the elements created. This was crucial for the new members to maintain the continuity of the app’s design style.

Say hi to our client
“Collaborating closely as our design partner, Sixty Two has helped shaped strategic & tactical initiatives with Grab. The Sixty Two team brings global experience and locally-rooted Indonesian knowledge. They've helped us define safety, contributed to Grab’s healthcare experience, and shaped how the super app experience can be relatable for Southeast Asian customers.”
Randy J. Hunt — Head of Design

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