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CGS-CIMB Securities

Digital transformation initiative for a multinational financial firm.

A collaborative project to redesign the whole CIMB’s website.
The Challenge:
How might we define successful digital transformation for a joint venture initiative between CIMB and China Galaxy Securities and put in place a scalable digital solutions.
With the new collaboration between CIMB Group Sdn Bhd and China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, CGS-CIMB Securities assigned Sixty Two as design partner to assist in complete haul of its digital ecosystem.

The scope

We started by redesigning CGS-CIMB Securities corporate website and set design guideline that are being implemented across all digital products. Working in a cross collaboration setup, our role also includes championing design consistency.

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Interface Design
Designing the website’s interface and set the design’s guideline.
Development Support
Supporting front-end development with internal CIMB’s team.

The features

Integrated Branding

Our UI explorations focus on strong brand integration as part of the new CGS-CIMB brand introduction. It’s essential to get current and new users acquainted with the new branding.

Consistent Experience Across Multiple Platforms

Operating across 20 different countries, consistency is a key feature to ensure customers have familiar experience across the different countries platforms & products offerings.

Say hi to our client
Sixty Two has been a great design partner with their creative designs and eye for details. Taking on a holistic approach, the studio has contributed significantly to the creation of a seamless digital experience for our visitors on the corporate website. The studio’s experience in user interface development allows the team to support the developer and ensure accurate delivery of the design concept.
Mia Liu - Regional Head Marketing and Communications CGS CIMB Securities

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