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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

2020 has undoubtedly been rough on all of us and we commend you all for powering through this year despite all adversities.

For that reason, we’d like to offer a sprinkle of joy this holiday season to hopefully bring some Christmas cheer and a smile to you and your family. We're excited to have you join our merry immersive experience to get a sneak peek at how Santa's doing this #WorkFromHome season.

If you have a card
Scan this QR or visit us on
your mobile
If you don't
have a card
See our online digital card
on your desktop

How to enjoy the experience

Enter the experience site

After scanning the QR code, read though our instructions and tips before starting the experience.

Open the flaps one at a time

Open the flaps in sequence to see what's going on at Santa's house during #WorkFromHome season.

Scan the numbers

Point your phone camera to the numbers under the flaps until a gift box appears.

Share the joy!

Share your merry experience with Santa to your family and friends and don't forget to tag @sixtytwo and use the hashtag #SixtyTwoXmas

Special notes for you

Please see some special notes below to ensure you have the best experience:

Best done on a well lit flat surface to avoid shadows.
Adjust surface/phone angle to achieve optimal experience
For iOS user: open in Safari.
For Android user: open in Chrome
Increase volume and connect to Wi-Fi for maximum experience


Please make sure that you’ve allowed camera access when prompted.

If you’ve granted camera access and are still seeing nothing on your screen, check what browser you’re using. Safari works best for iOS users and Chrome for those with Android devices. Santa’s hanging out in the latest versions of these browsers so be sure to update yours too!

Once the scanner box detects a gift box, it will shrink and lock in on the gift box as it scans so be sure to keep the gift box within the scan box!

Sometimes the camera scanner needs a bit of jiggle! Try moving your camera away to the side from the gift box and re-direct it back to re-scan.

You can try tapping on the (cancel) button to retry scanning.

Just like Santa’s sleigh can get a bit blurry, the camera can have an unclear view of the (numbered boxes) needed to show the scenes! This might be caused by something obstructing the numbered boxes, shadows and even flare lights so be sure to have the best clear view for the scan.

There might be some wires crossed at the north pole! Try and open the other flaps and see if any of the scenes there are activated instead or tap the (End Scene) button and retry scanning.

Yes of course! Feel free to personalize and send the digital card to as many people as you’d like.

Awesome, great that you like it! Let’s chat and build something together.

WebAR is still in a very experimental stage and the technology may not work for some older phones. If possible, try the immersive experience with a different phone. Hey, who knows you might just get a surprise from Santa, if you’ve been nice this year ;)

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